The last message for this world


The Everlasting Gospel is a plan of salvation for our world. And not only that. Who made this plan? It is a challenge to get to know this true God and to start a new life with Him. This Channel is dedicated to uplifting Christ Jesus and instilling His faith in all those who truly love Him, to provide source of encouragement, hope and growth for all those who are looking for the Second Coming of Jesus. 

The Great Controversy

One of the most valuable books to help understand Bible prophecy.
The long struggle between truth and error, light and darkness are uncovered. God’s plans for the world are bigger than human imagination. The struggle is over when the promised kingdom of God completes the story of salvation. You too can become part of this story.
This book are available as ebook and audio book. 

The Bible School

Deepen your Bible understanding with this weekly impulse for a practical life of discipleship with Jesus. Also suitable for all those who are starting their Bible studies. Large selection of topics.

Film: Leopard Vision vol. 1

In the cave of the leopard – Christopher Hudson leads through the political history of the papacy and shows what effects this has on our current political world situation and why the papacy has moved back to the center of world affairs today.

Amazing Word Ministries

Current topics and contents on current political developments presented energetically and with great zeal, based on biblical prophecy, which are highly exciting for our time.

Stress, Anxiety, Conflicts, Depression

Why do we have stress, anxiety, conflicts and depression? How do you help people who are affected? What laws do we need to know to come to a solution? You will learn this and more in this seminar based on important derivations and many life stories.