Babylon’s impure wine

The last message for this world

Babylon’s impure wine

Babylon’s wine is a strong drink. It has drunk all peoples. It is also called wine of fornication. It is a drink offered by the harlot to make the inhabitants of the earth drunk.

Why wine?

The comparison with wine is probably a deliberate choice. So it makes sense to consider the effects of wine. It looks good, smells good, tastes good, makes you happy. But it is also used as an anesthetic for stress and anxiety. Larger amounts lead to intoxication and thoughtless, wild and unwise behavior. Wine can also be misused as a means to motivate oneself, so that the intoxicated and weakened consciousness can only defend oneself slightly or not at all.

Wine of fornication?

The characteristics of the wine just mentioned, can rightly be attributed to the wine of fornication. Anyone who drinks from this wine weakens himself to the point of severe drunkenness. The content of the cup is analyzed in Rev. 17:4. The wine that is spoken of is abominations and uncleanness of fornication. It is a totally unclean wine. The great harlot uses this wine to make an alliance with the kings (rulers) of the earth. She behaves pompously, arrogantly and even intoxicated by the blood of the saints and witnesses of Jesus.

False teachings!

We know from Jesus that external things cannot defile a person, which is why he did not ask the disciples to wash their hands. However, all evil thoughts that come from the heart defile the man. So abominations and uncleanness of wine are evil thoughts that come from the harlot or from Babylon. They are to defile the inhabitants of the earth and to stun them as much as possible. Since we have already identified Babylon, let us take a closer look at the wine that Babylon has been pouring out for years. Consequently, you will see an overview that you should work through yourself. Supplements will be added little by little.

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