Babylon in the Bible

The last message for this world

Babylon in the Bible

Babylon. A mystery. Still today. Babylon from the revelation of Jesus Christ to John; is it still a mystery? And what does Babylon have to do with us today?

The Holy Scriptures in the Bible provides a testimony of traditional history, psalms, advice, prophecy, and God’s will for man. It also reveals the way of salvation, called the gospel – in John’s revelation the “everlasting gospel” – as well as the law of God. From the beginning, Babylon (first time as Babel in Genesis) has been an hostile union towards humanity and God as creator of life.

Where to start?

If Bible, prophecy, or insight into Babylon is new, or the desired perspective has so far been lacking, then take the following important advice. First, it is sufficient to let the scriptures speak for themselves. Ask God to understand His scriptures. Search for terms in the Bible you misunderstood that are either the same or similar. There are a lot of definitions of terms, so that the Holy Scriptures can be used simultaneously as reading AND as a dictionary. This is how you can ensure a profound study by answering your questions through the Bible itself.

What is it about?

The writers of the Bible are connected by belief in one and the same God, as well as belief and hope for a new future world. So the question of salvation is unmistakably the most important topic in the Bible. Contrary to this is Babylon is an important building block. Babylon wants to prevent human salvation at all costs, for every single human being. God gives us insight into Babylon to reveal the dragon’s machinations, strategies and plans.

How to get ahead?

Babylon wants power, whatever it may cost. That makes Babylon predictable. We have received an incredible gift for this – the book Revelation of John. Read the revelation. If you e.g. wanting to know who or what “Babylon” is, your very first step is to ask the Bible writers themselves. To do this, use the modern search function of the Bible app. Make your own notes. Write down questions. Look for answers. Pray. God forgives all guilt. Make your decision to leave Babylon – the time has come.

How to go ahead faster?

Many people already have thought about who Babylon could be. The scriptures provide lots of evidences that characterize the Babylon of our time and help us to identify. First indications are mentioned in the book of Daniel, read in Chapter 7 v. 24-25, then 8:24-25. The book of Revelation 13 describes the controversy in more detail. This hostile union will succeed a lot, but in the end a warning will reach all nations and people to leave Babylon. Be sure to read the texts in Revelation 14:8-10 and 18:1-5. For a quick insight, I recommend to watch Leopard Vision. This documentation refers to the text from Revelation 13:2 “Now the beast which I saw was like a leopard”.

What should I do?

In short: “Come out of her, my people, lest you share in her sins, and lest you receive of her plagues.” Babylon has built a strong network in churches and state. She has a lot of daughters (Revelation 17: 5), i.e. parts of Babylon have a different label and are therefore not easily recognizable. Such a network is confirmed by contracts, agreements and visible in public statements. Out of Babylon, but where to? Jesus’ Everlasting Gospel is the point of contact for all refugees from Babylon. Leaving means to separate yourself from all constraints and dependencies on Babylon in matters of worship and obedience. According to Revelation 13:17, there will be no option, so refusing to follow will have consequences. Therefore, their identification is important. However, the double announcement that Babylon is fallen has made this assignment easier. Take God’s call today. Leave Babylon.