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The last message for this world

The false Sabbath

A question that all Christians may ask themselves at some point: “Do Christians need to keep the Sabbath?” All the more astonishing is the ever-same answer to this question. Yet the question cannot be more imprecise. The answer to this is therefore completely irrelevant. Why? You will find out in this article. The importance of…
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Babylon’s impure wine

Babylon’s wine is a strong drink. It has drunk all peoples. It is also called wine of fornication. It is a drink offered by the harlot to make the inhabitants of the earth drunk. Why wine? The comparison with wine is probably a deliberate choice. So it makes sense to consider the effects of wine.…
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What should I do?

In times of great conflict, crises and debates, many questions are asked. Social but also personal questions are asked. Sometimes in loud statements, or simply in quiet moments. In the recent past mankind has experienced some such moments. Many questions have been asked. Many have been answered. How about you? Is the question ‘What should…
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Corona and Beliefs

Our science has brought considerable success in recent years. Technological progress has also contributed to achievements in medical science, which have helped us achieve the status quo in all areas of medicine and have given rise to a multitude of specialties. This progress is met with enormous confidence. This trust is so unshakable that statements…
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What is the everlasting gospel?

The wording of the everlasting gospel occurs exactly once in the holy scriptures. In Revelation 14:6 an angel addresses an everlasting gospel to mankind, to us. First of all, let us say You will not experience a “new gospel” here! Therefore, a good introduction to the topic is an overview of the Bible texts that…
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Babylon – Beware Fake

Babylon. Not just a mystery. Biggest fake ever. What does Babylon from the Revelation of Jesus Christ to John have to do with us today? Man’s real problem is not Babylon, but the lack of knowledge about his own deceitful heart (Jer. 17:9), meaning self-knowledge, with the consequence of a wrong or contradictory assessment of…
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